Welcome to the ALCW Field Data Collection Portal

This portal is provided by the Atlas of Living Australia to assist our nature-loving communities to record our sightings of species and to contribute them to the greater pool of knowledge about our unique environments and biodiversity. Records which you contribute into this portal will be available to a wide range of scientists and researchers to help improve our understanding of biodiversity and how to better manage it, particularly as climatic and environmental conditions are changing and land use pressures continue to bear on our remaining natural places and habitat refuges.

Verified records are copied from this portal each month into the Atlas of Living Australia. Below you can browse the species records that we have collected so far in our unique coastal wilderness that have already been checked for accuracy and submitted to the Atlas of Living Australia.

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Latest Statistics

Number of registered contributors: 24

Total number of records in this portal: 81

Number of species recorded: 50

The last sighting was a Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) in the Life group.